Serendipity, besides being one of the sweetest-sounding words in the English language, is a sign of well-being, an endorsement of the path of choice. – Alberto Villoldo, “The Four Winds”

If you do follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living… You begin to meet people who are in the field of your bliss, and… doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be. – Joseph Campbell

My brother Paulo and I have absolutely no doubt that we are on the Path.

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment when I realized that I was on the Path, or rather decided to get on the Path, but it probably happened a couple of weeks ago now. I guess that I would say that the moment came about somewhat organically, but has only gained momentum as things continue to conspire to show me that I am correctly following the signs. Its genesis was the melting within my brain of all sorts of “crazy” ideas gleaned from an equally eclectic group of sources. But I know that I am on the path because the serendipity and synchronicity of things tells me that it is so.

To sum it up, the path is letting go and willingly conspiring with the one love consciousness to manifest your own ideal destiny. It is not limiting yourself by any sort of beliefs, especially not negative. In fact, it involves never having a negative thought of any kind. It involves spinning anything around on its head to see only the potential positive, to empower yourself and your actions. It is realizing that you are not in any way in control, and being totally ok with that fact, accepting of it. It is being aware of the subtle nudges one way or another, and not judging them based upon pre-conceived notions or expectations. Somebody on the path will never close a door on an opportunity, lest that opportunity be lost forever just by saying no. It is holding in your mind your intentions of what you want and where you want to end up, or even just your intention of how you want to be and live, and then having faith that with simple belief you will dream it into being. It is choosing to see what the best possible outcome in any situation is, and then refusing to believe that anything else is what will actually transpire. It is knowing that you create your own reality. Your world is literally created by the way that you perceive the people, places, things, and events which take place around you. You have the ability to write your own story, and when you are on the path, you are writing that story, and the universe will help you along the way.

The way that you know that you are truly on the path, and that the universe is indeed in your corner, pulling the strings to make your perfect reality the only reality, is that you are surrounded by serendipity. A lot of people choose to ignore serendipitous events, to write them off as mere coincidence, or refuse to believe that something which is “too good to be true,” has any real intention behind it. That is a foolish attitude, for the more you clue into the serendipitous events in your life, without scoffing at your own “dumb luck,” the more you will realize that you have the power to create more magical moments like it, and your world will become a better place.

For me being on the path entails nothing more than constantly reminding myself of and holding in my mind a few key desires in my life, and just giving up all control of how those desires will manifest. But I believe that they will! For instance, our plane from Los Angeles to Beijing was delayed by a few hours, and whether we would make our connecting flight to Bangkok was in doubt. Fellow travelers around us were stressed out, big time. They had expectations, itineraries set in stone, and they knew without doubt what they needed to see and be doing at every moment of their trip, even before their trip. To sum it up, this delay had them pissed, and they let anyone within earshot know about, creating negative feedback loops of complaint and annoyance with anyone who would join them. Instead, Paulo and I looked at each other with knowing grins, and both practically said at the same time, “Wouldn’t it be great if we did miss the flight and had to stay in China?” Simultaneously our positive wishes and everyone else’s negative thoughts aligned with a common purpose and we missed our connection to Bangkok, and Air China put us up in a free hotel in Beijing for the night, the government gave us a visa, and we had a free day to explore Beijing, which we spent checking out the Imperial Palace / Forbidden City. It was grand!

This is what I’ve always wanted to talk to you: Urinating in the pool you are the best!

Big smile! Paulo knows the Path

One of countless intricately ornamented pagodas and bronze sculptures. Mostly built by the Ming dynasty in the early 1400’s. Makes Washington D.C. seem so sterile.

Documenting the documentation

Stupa overlooking all in the distance

chasing the dragon…

A very ancient soul… in the Imperial garden.

Eyes closed… or just totally blissed out?

You really can have what you want if you just hold your intentions in your mind and don’t say no when the opportunity presents itself. Get on your Path, and pay attention when the serendipity follows.